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Not all Vinyl Fencing is the Same

At Fence One we take our materials seriously. Not all vinyl fences are manufactured the same and not all fence companies install them the same. You have probably seen countless examples of white vinyl fences many sold by the ‘big box home stores’ that quite simply look awful. This is NOT what we sell or install.  Our vinyl fences are all manufactured in the USA and are designed with a system where both the top and bottom rails go into each post. This is much like a ‘post and beam’ house. Our posts are a full 5″x5″ with a minimum of 36″ to 42″ of the post in the ground. We mix concrete on site whereby every post is secured in concrete to ensure your fence will not move over the years due to frost or wind. That means when we install your fence it will retain its even flow and lines for years to come.

Most yards in Connecticut are not perfectly level. We install your fence to accommodate the natural flow of your property by custom cutting rails and pickets to follow the grade of your yard. This means we DO NOT step your fence like a staircase, but maintain an even flow that creates a dramatic and professional appearance that is pleasing to the eye. This type of installation means we avoid installing a fence with large gaps or spaces under the fence which is especially important with children and pets.

• Our vinyl gates are constructed to not sag and our gate hardware allows for easy adjustment. Our gate posts are designed with an extra thick wall to again insure that your gate will function properly.

• Our vinyl fences can be ordered in colors as well as over 50 styles.

• Our 6 foot solid privacy vinyl fence has a full 2″ by 7″ top and bottom rail with a classic ‘crown molding style edge’. It is the ideal fence for privacy and great looks without maintenance.

• The final bit of good news about all of our vinyl fences is that they are extremely affordable!

Schedule a FREE estimate with us today and we’ll bring samples of our vinyl fence so you can see for yourself the Fence One difference.

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