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Pet fencing is a great way to keep your pets contained on your property as well as keeping other animals and intruders out. At Fence One we have many styles of fencing to contain your pets. We know that your pets are family too.

These days many people are opting for electric pet fence solutions, but before you commit to an electric option consider the options. Damage can occur to electric containment systems such as rodents chewing underground wiring, a failed transmitter, and more. It is often difficult to determine where the damage to your system is. Battery life and price of batteries for the pet fencing collars are an ongoing commitment and are not recommended for certain dogs including aggressive ones and unhealthy pets.

The benefits to having a traditional pet containment system fence far outweigh the risks of any electric fence. Our pet fences/ containment systems will keep other dangers out of your yard, and your pets in! Our fences are aesthetically pleasing and functional. We keep your pets where they belong without electrocution.

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