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Pool Fences – Ellington CT

When you are in the market for pool fences Ellington CT, you want to meet the experts at Fence One. Our experienced fencing contractors are the region\’s industry leaders. Fence One will install sturdy and beautiful pool fencing to homeowners who value quality. Pool fences are a great way to keep your pool safe for the kids. These fences not only offer protection against falls, but also provide an added layer of security that can help protect your belongings and home itself. If you don\’t have a fence already, installing one will also increase your home\’s value by $2-3K on average.

Why Is Pool Fencing Important?

Pools are a great source of summer fun, especially for your kids. Were you aware that they are also a leading cause of death in children? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional injury-related deaths among children 1-4 years old. Pool fencing can help reduce these risks by preventing unauthorized access to the pool area. A properly installed pool fence height should exceed 4 feet. Gates should be self-closing and lockable.

Why Choose Fence-One?

Fence-One is a company that has been installing pool fences all over Tolland County for decades. We are experienced, knowledgeable about pools and their safety features. Only the best materials are used to ensure that your fence will serve its purpose beautifully for many years.

We offer a variety of different types of fences, from wood to vinyl and aluminum fencing. Our team will come to your home and provide you with an estimate so you can decide what type of fence best suits your needs. If you have any questions or would like more information about our products, feel free to contact us at any time or get an online quote.

Fence One is conveniently located in South Windsor and we have installed high quality pool fences all over the region. If you live in Connecticut or Southern Mass, contact our expert team of licensed installers. For almost 20 years, we have proudly sold American-made fencing. When the time comes that you need pool fencing at your home, call Fence One at 860-644-5757.

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