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Pet Fencing in Hartford, CT

The value of fencing in ensuring your pet\’s safety cannot be overstated. There\’s a reason why most shelters, rescue organizations, and respectable breeders insist on seeing your fencing before allowing an adoption. A completely enclosed yard keeps your pet off the road and safe from being hit by a car.

Small dogs are improbable to jump over a fence that is five feet or higher, while athletic standard-sized to large dogs can readily jump five feet and are better served by a fence that is six feet tall. However, jumping isn\’t the only way to get away. Many dogs love to dig and can easily dig their way beneath a fence.

A fully fenced backyard keeps your pet off the busy roads and out of harm\’s way, including getting hit by a car, being taken by a stranger, and being picked up by animal control. There are numerous dangers that unattended animals face when they are left on their own. People who care about their pets do not want them to be hurt or murdered. Investing in a fence would be a great choice since it provides the owners peace of mind knowing your pet is protected from the various dangers that exist on the streets.

A fence can help keep other animals and thieves away from your pet. There might be various wild animals and pests that might infect or injure your pet if they come into contact with them. Criminals are less likely to try to break into a locked yard to take a pet than they are to pick up a loose animal. This can help to prevent your pet from being a victim of animal cruelty or being used as bait by dog fighting ring criminals.

Therefore, for pet owners, pet fencing may be the most significant long-term investment. For more information about Pet Fencing in Hartford, CT, please contact us.