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Pet Fence Installation South Windsor CT

Pet Fence Installation South Windsor CT

If you want to protect your pets in South Windsor, CT, then consider our pet fence installation from Fence One. The value of fencing in your yard ensures your pet’s safety. Simply put, our pets are our family and their safety is a priority. There’s a reason why most shelters, rescue organizations, and respectable breeders insist on seeing your fencing before allowing an adoption. A completely enclosed yard keeps your pet off the road and safe from being hit by a car.

Fence Height

While small dogs are unlikely to jump over a five-foot fence, athletic standard-sized to large dogs can readily jump that high and are better served by a six-foot fence. When you have your consultation with us, we’ll be sure to go over all the details including your dog’s size and breed to determine what height would be best for your fence.

Keep Your Pets Safe

To continue, a fully fenced backyard keeps your pet off the busy roads and out of harm’s way. The last thing any owner wants is for their fur-baby to get hit by a car, being taken by a stranger, or being picked up by animal control. Many dogs and cats are harmed or killed when they are left unattended. Pet owners who care about their animals want to protect them from the dangers that exist on the streets. The best way to do this is by investing in a fence. Fences give owners peace of mind knowing their pet is protected from various dangers.

Protection From Predators

Lastly, a fence can help keep other animals and thieves away from your pet. There might be various wild animals and pests that could infect or injure your pet if they come into contact with them. Additionally, criminals are less likely to try to break into a locked yard to take a pet than they are to pick up a loose animal. If you have an expensive breed, they are especially a target to criminals. Pure bred dogs are targeted the most due to their higher resell value. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you and call Fence-One to schedule your fence installation. This can greatly reduce your pet’s chance from being a victim of animal cruelty, being stolen, attacked by other animals, hit by a car, or being used as bait by dog fighting ring criminals.

To conclude, pet fencing may be the most significant long-term investment for pet owners. For more information about Pet Fencing in South Windsor, CT, please contact Fence-One today.

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