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The pros at Fence One, LLC are the region\’s foremost fencing contractors Portland CT. When your Middlesex County home or business needs fencing, call the experts at Fence One LLC. We offer our customers ActiveYards fencing, the leading American manufacturer of exceedingly durable, low maintenance fencing.

Installing a fence might seem easy to some homeowners. How hard can digging a few holes and installing some support posts be? But when they get to work, they find out it is much harder than it had initially appeared. To get the job done correctly, you will need some special tools and even some extra pairs of hands. It is much easier to trust the professionals on this one and hire a good contractor.


Before you even start installing a fence, you will require a permit from the government. Hiring a licensed fence contractor will save you the hassle and time of obtaining permits. The contractor will be happy to do the paperwork for you.


Good fencing contractors have installed hundreds of fences. They have several years’ experience of getting the job right. A reputable contractor will save you time and ensure that your fence gets installed in the best possible way.


Some special tools are required to install fences; using them makes the job easier and faster. An experienced contractor knows the tools that work best for a specific job. With the correct tools, they can install fences much faster than inexperienced installers.


If you choose to install the fence yourself, there is no guarantee that it will stand the test of time. But Fence One LLC, you will have a warranty for your fence. If your fence fails for any reason, the company will be liable to repair it for you. We at Fence One have been installing fences for over fifteen years. We build strong fences to last. Call Fence One today at 860-644-5757. We are fully insured and offer free estimates. We look forward to working with you.

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Fencing Contractors – Portland CT – Fence One, LLC