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The professionals at Fence One LLC are the top fence installers Ellington CT. There are some myths you will hear from friends and neighbors about various types of fences. Let\’s discuss – and debunk – some of the more prevalent fencing myths.

Myth #1 – Vinyl is Not a Durable Material

If you have seen a piece of vinyl fencing shatter due to a strong hit by a football, that was a story of the past. Today, vinyl is considered one of the most durable materials for fencing. Vinyl fencing is one of the most preferred choices for our customers in Ellington CT. Most homeowners also suggest that vinyl fencing can fade with excessive exposure to sunlight. The longevity of your vinyl fencing begins in the manufacturing. When you want long-lasting, beautiful vinyl fencing to protect your property and family, talk to Fence One LLC.

Myth #2 – Aluminum Fence Will Rust

Again, it\’s a myth that may force you to reconsider your choice of fencing material. Untreated metals may indeed rust due to exposure to rain, and humidity but that\’s not always the case. If you choose treated aluminium fences as recommended by the fencing installers at Fence One, LLC, then you can get an aluminium fence that\’s likely to stay the same for years. Again, talk to the fencing professionals at Fence One about our durable aluminum fencing.

Myth 3 – Wood Fences Do Not Withstand Heavy Wind

That may be true for wood fences not graded for heavy wind. The wooden fence installed by Fence One LLC is manufactured to last.  Your wood fences are installed properly by experienced fencing installers. You can rest assured that your fence and your home will remain protected when the heavy wind starts to blow.

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