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Benefits of Fencing Your Yard Hartford County CT


Benefits of Fencing Your Yard Hartford County CT

There are many benefits of fencing your yard in Hartford County CT, and Fence One is happy to share them with you! Adding a fence to your property is great whether you\’re aiming to ad real estate value, create a sound barrier, or add protection. We know it can take time to research multiple pages for answers, so we\’ve condensed it into one article for you! Keep reading to find out all of the benefits of fencing your yard in Hartford County CT.

Adding Real Estate Value

According to Redfin.com, the average home value in Hartford County is $285,000. By adding a fence, you can increase this value even more. For instance, if you invested in a $10,000 fence, you would potentially increase your overall home value to about $291,000! Not only will you be enjoying the additional benefits from a fence, but you will get a return on your investment as well if you decide to sell. This especially applies to homes exposed to highway noise. A fence creates a sound barrier from noisy traffic and can create a more favorable, quiet environment. Aside from monetary value, there are many benefits to fencing your yard.

More often than not, Fence One customers in Hartford County are building fences for their yards out of necessity. We often talk about how a fence is rarely a frivolous purchase, but one created out of need. Keep reading for more benefits!

2. Fencing Protects Kids and Pets at Play

To continue, one of the biggest benefits of fencing your yard is the protection it offers for your family.  Fence One offers specialty pet fencing and pool fencing to keep your littlest family members safe in your yard.  Fencing can also deter animal intruders, whether they\’re loose neighborhood pets or potential wildlife invaders.

No matter your need for fencing your yard, Fence One offers a solution! Our top-quality fences adorn yards across Hartford County, adding value to the way families live inside and outside of their homes.

3. Fencing Your Yard Eliminates Unsightly Views

Moreover, fencing eliminates unsightly outside views. This is especially important if you live outside of an HOA community. When you\’re outside of an HOA community, there aren\’t any aesthetic standards upheld. This increases the chances of unsightly views! If properties adjoining yours are less than postcard-perfect, a Fence One privacy fence will eliminate the views. You can say goodbye to unkempt or unattractive areas outside your property line! Our vinyl and wood fences are perfect solutions for creating a beautiful property enclosure. These are perfect for adding an attractive backdrop for your landscaping to boot.

4. Fencing Adds To Your Home’s Security

Lastly, wide-open backyard expanses can be attractive for intruders. Adding a Fence One fence to your backyard can help prevent prying eyes. A tall, difficult to climb fence, will deter those uninvited guests. Fences add a feeling of security inside and outside your home by creating an obstacle that intruders avoid hurdling. Fence One also offers gates with access control for ultimate security behind your property line.

To conclude, whether you decide to build a fence on your own, or hire Fence One, a fence is highly beneficial for your property. However, if you do decide to build a fence on your own, make sure you adhere to the guidelines of Hartford County here. It\’s important to keep in mind that permits are typically required, and you have to pay attention to property lines. Fence One will take that hassle off your hands and handle everything for you. Visit our website or give us a call today to handle all your fencing needs! 860-644-5757

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